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The contraction and expansion of the heart muscle, which provides the right blood pressure to move blood through the body, is carried out by an independent electrical system, which is one of the signs of heart health, the perfect functioning of this system. To study this electrical system, it is necessary to study how electrical signals are emitted. An electrocardiogram (ECG) device, by sampling how electrical signals are propagated in different parts of the body and measuring them over time, obtains the electrocardiogram wave of the heart, which is called an electrocardiogram.

Why is medical lighting so important?

The clinical work environment in which physicians, nurses, and other medical professionals work is very stressful.
They must make quick and accurate diagnoses, as well as take complex measures that dramatically affect patients ‘quality of life and sometimes save patients’ lives.

What is an electrosurgery device?

Electrosurgery is a device that helps doctors in modern surgeries. The electrosurgery device allows safe surgery by reducing pain and stopping bleeding. An electrosurgery device is actually a radio frequency generator.

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Roham Eltiam Darman Company started its activity in 1398 by importing specialized and general medical lamps, so that due to its very reasonable price and quality of original lamps, it was able to obtain the satisfaction of its customers in a desirable way.

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